Summer Hunt Hints & Pics

Starting Point:Nefeli's Gestures: Midnight Summer

1.Game Over:I love this couple

2.Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes: Summer is about SANDYE beaches!

3.SANNA-SCIENCE and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm:If Summer is hot and you sweat like a fool, jump into the pool, you will like it a lot !

4.The Mesh Cloud:Pink summer sandals under a pink summer table.

5.Yokami: Magazines

6.Sweet little Things:The pink bunny is sexy

7.MISS JEWELL: Look for something RED!

8.HHVET Victoriana: Who Let The Dogs Out?

9.#bye Bouncing around the front!

10.Caramba: find me near the greenhouse

11.LOMO by [ IBAN ]: Call me sommer:).......

12.ROSENGARTEN: "while you check out some vendors you may enjoy the view of the water"

13.PRISM: " Looks around for the Beach Ball "

14.Lily's Locker: Summer fun goes with the beach like cakes and all sorts of treats.

15.~XM~ Designs: This real life future Service Dog

16.Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop: Look at the [in]Sanity shop!

17.The Happy Hat: The Ball will bounce here and there. Check the HUNT HINTS on where.

18.!Paule-icious: Vroom Vroom!

19.Virtual Glitter: "Check the Mystery Gacha Machines!"

20.Celestial Designs: Summer days drifting away, but oh those summer (MID)nights.

21.Gemase Designs: Have a seat, maybe win a prize!

22.Stitches Creations: Hey! No horsing around!

23.Pink Passion: A picture is worth a thousand words

24.[VM] Vero Modero: Feel like i saw an angel

25.Dokkaebi: Have you seen a love petal?

26.Grumble: You have me by the heart.

27.Inara's Fantasy Couture: On the back wall

28.AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS: Male gift : xmm full....... of what?  Female: Sandals..

29.Shadow's Five Elements: The treasure hides in the city of gold and luck

30.Lillou's Designs: "I am in the right place at Eve's feet."

31.Veronica's: 50 shades of grey

Adult Sims

32.Ezmerelda's: {I See "Nails" & "You" Below Me!}

33.::cute as f*ck:: Live, Laugh, Love

34.Applique` Chic: I feel Lucky Today.

35.MadcatCreations Boutique: window

36.Mishchino: Paint your summer.

37.~Uni Boutique~: I hang from the ceiling and I shine so pretty......

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